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Learn English by Listening to Stories

Listen to stories and improve your English anywhere / Deposit photos

Improve your English speaking skills Listening to interactive stories.
It’s fantastic that you’re learning English! However, if you want to be able to communicate fluently in English, you must practice every day.

It is not sufficient to enhance speaking skills by reading textbooks, studying grammar rules, memorizing Word lists, or taking tests.

To speak English fluently, you need practice listening and speaking on a daily basis.

Click here to Learn English by listening to stories

Step 1: Read English stories aloud.
Our stories are intended to improve your listening and speaking abilities. Each story focuses on a different aspect of grammar. They are also incredibly intriguing and entertaining, ensuring that your interest is maintained at all times.

Step 2: To strengthen your speaking skills, answer each question.
We ask you a lot of questions regarding the story as you listen to our mini-story courses. All you have to do is respond to each question aloud. This is a crucial exercise for training your brain to speak English fluently.

Step 3: Practice until you’ve mastered it.
If you want to speak English without having to translate sentences in your brain, you’ll need to practice listening and speaking on a regular basis. The secret to success is repetition.


Download a free story now- Learn English by listening to stories

By clicking the link above, you can download one of our story lessons. You can download it to your computer and then put it on your phone to learn English wherever you are.

Remember to listen to it over and over for the next five days. Attempt to respond to the questions quickly and confidently. As a result, your speaking skills will develop quickly.


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